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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Altaf Bhai Invites Taliban To Join Hands

If Altaf Bhai can only realize his immense potential as an entertainer, he would definitely give many Umer Sharifs and "Comedy Kings" of Bollywood, run for their money. Is it me, or has someone noticed this as well, there is always some "Yaum e This" and "Yaum e That", celebrated by our dear MQM walas, where we have the "jamm e ghafeer" of people dying to listen to our own Altaf Bhai, directly from "Edgware Shareef", giving his "fiery Khitabaats." The strange thing is that no one knows what the "yaum" is all about. It just pops every now and then, when Bhai has the urge to take the microphone in his hands.

Of course after failing to awaken the souls of "mohibbey watan Jurnails", Altaf Bhai has re routed his pleas to a different class, so dominant in our national sphere. This time he has requested, our "mohibbey watan Taliban" to join hands and put the miseries of our nation to an eternal end. (

Now Altaf Bhai wants our so skilled Taliban to join hands and take this country out of distress. One minor detail, which perhaps the speech writer for Bhai, forgot to add was, that our nation is going through this mess, just a very tiny bit (I mean tiny as a 1/millionth) of a dust particle, just because of these real heroes made of steel.

But we all know that Bhai is famous for what we call in the slang of Karachi as a "shurli", he just likes to shoot that "shurli", whenever he chooses. So I was moved like many, with this new plea of Bhai, and I was wondering that the Grand Mujahid, Mulla Umer would be thinking along the same lines. He would be gathering his elders for a consultative meeting to chart out the strategy.

A couple of years, down the road, we may get to see some "election walection" and TTP can join hands with MQM and give a whole new meaning to the "Muttahidda" of the name of our so called, third largest political party of the country. I was even thinking ahead and imagining the hoarding or a bill board with Bhai on one end and Mulla Sahib on the other, "joining hands" and smiling. People lining up in Sohrab Goth, Lalu Khait, Teen Hatti and Baldia Township etc. to cast their votes for the two "real leaders."

See all these other parties have got it all wrong. They just have to pay close attention to Bhai and his thought provoking lines. All the elite class just cannot tolerate, is the true champions of the "ghareeb awam." Some may call me cheesy, but I think the perfect "intikhabi nishan", for this alliance would be a "TT or AK-47." :)

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