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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Collision Course

Many are blowing trumpets of another Martial Law in the "martial" state of Pakistan. Although, personally I disagree with that scenario, but anything is probable and possible in our land. Supposedly, the recent amendments in Constitution have closed the doors for "khakhi intervention." The argument can be made, that it may be all meaningless, as any time any such thing happens, the first thing, which is "suspended" or "put in abeyance" is our constitution. That it itself is a travesty.

The Government's recent bout with PML-N, the constant bickering and love-hate with MQM and somewhat head on collision with the Judiciary are ominous signs. Yes, all indications are that things are headed in the wrong direction. Regardless, it is the responsibility of the Government to tread on with pragmatism and statesmanship.

Here the most important issue is that all institutions, must remain within the boundaries. The Legislative, Judiciary and Executive along with Military must not infringe in each other's territory to score points. It is all part of political maturity, that we lack as a nation. We tend to function like tribes in this day and age, where tolerance and understanding of each other's respective duties are underscored to demonstrate the one up manship. The nations evolve as a whole, when there is a unity of purpose and consensus on the basics.

Any minor issue and we get to hear the usual ethnic rhetoric which to say the least, is very pathetic and damaging. The bickering of Sindhi vs Muhajir, Punjabi vs Sindhi, Pathan vs Muhajir is shameful, and painfully I must say the Balochs are often disregarded as they do not exist. All the ideals of unity are just repeated on August 14, for mere lip service.

Getting back to the PPP led Government, it has two more years on the docket. It is time to bring the stakeholders on the table and carve out a solution. The collision course is not going to lead us anywhere. Are you listening Mr. President?

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