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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The King Seeks Muslim Radicalisation In America

A few months back, Pastor Terry Jones from a very small church out in FL got instant notoriety, around the globe, for all the wrong reasons. Thank GOD, sanity prevailed and the plan to desecrate a Holy Quran was abolished. It was a divisive tactic, which hurt not only the Muslims in the US, but around the globe as well.

Here we are facing again another sling shot at American Muslims by a law maker, Mr. King from New York. He has initiated a hearing to probe into the so called, "radicalism" of American Muslims, in the name of "National Security."

While respecting the honourable Congressman's position, one has to wonder, why now Sir? What is that you want us American Muslims to prove, that we are as American as you are. Seven Million plus of us in and around the US, have been tirelessly working in all 50 states and enhancing and enriching the fabric of this multicultural and multi ethnic nation of immigrants for ages.

The ironic part is that, we love this country as much as the countries that gave us our birth. We have spent more time of our lives here than our actual countries of birth. Our children were born here and have never lived at any place other than the US.

Prior to the horrific day of September 11, 2001, no one had any doubts about our patriotism towards US. It has been a decade or so, countless wire taps, secret investigations, surveillances of our places of worship, infiltration of agents into our congregations have proven that we are who we are. Honest, hard working and dedicated souls, bound by our faith and culture to strive for best what life has to offer. Yes we believe in the Oneness of ALMIGHTY and by HIS mercy we are striving to leave a better legacy for our children.

The ugly, gruesome and barbaric attacks of 09/11, were not carried out by real Muslims at all. Let alone many American Muslims lost their lives on that tragic day. Sadly there are a very few from us, that you can count on your fingers have deviated from the straight path. They have shown ill towards this great nation. Statistically, those are not even a tenth of a single percent of our entire population, so how does this become so significant?

Yes you may carry out the hearing and dig all what you intend to dig to discover what millions of our fellow citizens know about us already. We were here prior to September 11 and GOD willing will be here to commemorate every September 11 ahead of us. May GOD bless America forever and the American soul. The land where freedom dwells and justice prevails.

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