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Friday, July 15, 2011

$800 Million Question

The moment that dreaded news of the US government suspending its $850 Million aid to the Pakistani Military, hit the wires, there was this flurry of various experts. All weighing in with their expert comments to exacerbate the already stretched and strained relationship  between Pakistan and US. This was of course followed by all sorts of other explanations along with jingoistic comments.

The ongoing love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with America, begs some serious introspection. The gist of the matter is that any and all relationships, whether personal or national are dependent on vested self interest. To exploit a situation to maximize the self benefit is considered sound diplomacy. To say that we are lagging in that art of international politics would be a major understatement.

Ever since the event of May 02, we have been going through various debacles and till this date, we have not come to the realization of what challenges we face as a nation. We are surrounded by not so friendly nations around us. It is hard to admit, but it is due to our doing as well. From the get go, we seem to be in  a "la Shaheen mode". If it all boils down to the "strategic depth", then make no mistake, we have dug a deep one for ourselves.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mumbai Massacre Part 2

As these lines are being written, over 20 precious lives are no more in Mumbai. 100 plus people are injured and as reports trickle in, sadly the number of impacted physically, keeps on rising.

People of Mumbai have barely recovered from the 2008 terrorist attacks and now this. Many speculations and opinions came to fore almost instantaneously, thanks to electronic media and twitteriti. Some were just down right stupid as usual and some were worth paying attention to.

The electronic media reported just yesterday that, India has given a list of most wanted criminals to Pakistan. Mostly people related to terrorism and related senseless acts. Its a pity that we have (supposedly) within our boundaries, responsible for such heinous acts. It is equally damning to hear rebuttals, which are proven erroneous down the road.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Edhi Sahib, We are Disappointed!

Undoubtedly, Edhi Sahib is the last bastion of hope in the Land of Pure. A selfless human being, who has rose to immeasurable heights, all because his countless services to humanity.

The entire Pakistan is proud of him and he is the symbol of the real Pakistani spirit. A man who's rescue vans go through the cities, immediately after any disaster. He is the pioneer of "Emergency Response" in Pakistan.

His simple and honest personality is so uplifting for many. A source of real inspiration for millions across the country. He is the angel in our land, where greed and lust rules.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

The Long Road Ahead For The US

A country of 180 million plus people, so skeptical of a country, that influences their lives so immensely. If your guess is Pakistan and the US, you are right on the money. No one is denying that there is a basis of such feelings, based on a troubled past. However life never completely dwells in the past, it has to move forward.

Overlooking Pakistan from the vantage point of US, it seems like a major mess. Where jingoistic emotions run high, and people are always looking for a pinata to vent their deep rooted frustrations. US seems to be the convenient villain to many. It is often presented as Enemy Number One of Pakistan and above all Islam.

Now looking Washington from Islamabad, it has its own twists and turns. The Imperialist, the Evil the Capitalists and what have you. Despite all this the dire need for the assistance from US cannot be denied. All relations, whether personal or national go through some test or trial. Needless to say, there is such a challenge that both nations are facing right now, based on mutual misunderstandings.

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