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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Sheer Ignorance Of The "Ghairat Brigade"

If any one had any doubts about the shallowness and hypocrisy of our world famous "Ghairat Brigade", all those should be totally alleviated with the recent Davis settlement. When these so righteous and so straight as arrow, were given the taste of their own medicine, they are still crying fowl.

The attack on US Consulate or public and or private property, can only demonstrate their so obvious lunacy to the rest of the world. Deep down inside, there are these wounds shattering their ego about their despondency. What bothers them is, they have the best faith, yet they are way behind in this world. One may draw a parallel, to illustrate a point. You may have the best machine or equipment, which may be the state of the art, but if you are unfamiliar with its application, it is nothing but useless metal.

Let's dig a bit deeper, and you would agree with me, it is the "failure syndrome", which is the main reason why these idiots act the way they act. The fact is that faith or religion, is a road map to the soul and its true cleansing. Once you become a better human with a better perspective, only then you have a better and positive outlook towards life and others around you. If you think ill and negative, have doubts and grudges for everyone, the state of your mind becomes like a sewer.

Since these clowns, do not see themselves heading anywhere better, they tend to embrace the false notion that this world is not a place to live. Dead wrong on that one, as if this was not the place to live, then why were we given birth in the first place. Yes our lives should be appreciating, what we were given by the Almighty and making the lives of other better, by our speech and deeds.

The disdain towards "West" or anything "Western" stems from the same reason. The Western world has moved on with advancing in almost every sphere of knowledge and we are sitting on the sidelines trying to find the reasons for our failures by conveniently blaming others for them. The reason is fairly simple, we were misled by the some of the idiotic clergy and some totally lunatic leaders. Who have been creating this so called "East and West" divide. The conspiracy of Western world against Pakistan and Islamic world is nothing but some lame clergy or political leader's pipe dream.

Often we get to hear about the great history of the glorious Muslim past, but rarely we get to focus on our rotten present. Our rotten present is all due to our lack of acceptance and acquisition of modern skills. The West is way ahead of us and it is time for us to catch up with them. The whole world is for us to discover. We are busy wasting time in senseless rhetoric. By the way, which is strictly forbidden in the faith. The faith teaches us to be objective and realistic.

The priority for us should be education, skills and focus. If we have that down, much of our venom would evaporate automatically. The world would seem like a better place to live. Honest introspection and accounting of our abilities and shortcomings is not the need of the hour, but let's say the need of the minute. Its not the loudest voice that's in demand, it is the brightest mind which is totally appreciated around the globe.

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