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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting Islam "Burbaad" In Islamabad

So barely two months and we have another brave human being murdered in the name of hyper religiousity. Shaheed Shahbaz Bhatti, may your soul rest in eternal peace and the scum bags who killed you, get to face you on the Final Day. Amen.

The Quaid would be utterly ashamed of his Pakistan, if he was around today. It is a clear signal to the minorities of Pakistan and the sane voices left in Pakistan, that it is time to flee. It is no longer the country for sane men and women.

Field Marshall Ayub Khan, one iconic dictator in his own right, must have never imagined, what the new capital would turn into one day. One of the most beautiful and serene city of Pakistan, turning into a hellish and devilish town, what a pity.

The faith that I was born with and I was raised in, will get so weak one day that no rhyme or reason would be tolerated. I would have never thought of that. Growing up as a Sunni Muslim and going to a Catholic School with almost every sect known to Muslims along with Catholics, Protestants, Hindus, Parsis, Budhists etc., was a rewarding experience. What ever I know till this day can be easily attributed to my parents and teachers. I owe every thing to them. Where being the better human being was the focus of my education.

I remember the basic tenet of my faith is to better myself first. I repeat, better myself first. As is every day, I cannot look myself in the mirror and tell myself if I am any better than yesterday. Just the fear of my sins, over shadow everything. If I cannot see myself in the mirror without shame, how in the GOD's name do I have a right to tell someone else to improve.

Getting back to where I was, the city named after Islam, much like my country made for a significant majority of India is bleeding profusely. We are killing each other in the name of my faith.

The faith that I know of, is being twisted, bruised, battered and murdered everyday. As we say in Urdu, it is being "Tabah o Burbaad" every day in Islamabad. I have memories of a Red Mosque in my Capital City, where the devout believers were building bunkers. The world saw a war, within a city waged from a mosque. Something somewhere was missing. The last I heard or believed in, was that people went to places of worship to seek mercy and it was treated as a sanctuary. Not in my gifted land.

Then in the neighbouring city, is where we saw my former Prime Minister, lose her life. We went into a shock and mourning. We vowed that never again we would let that happen. We were utterly wrong. The righteous had it right. As the festivities of new year faded in January 2011, we saw a Governor murdered in cold blood in Islamabad. We said enough is enough, we would not let this madness ever repeat itself. Little did we know that, we were dwelling in fools paradise.
The murder of Shaheed Shahbaz Bhatti, is perhaps the nail in the coffin of the "Jinnah's inclusive Pakistan."

It pains to say this, everyday when I turn my hand held on, in the early AM of the day and browse my favourite Pakistani publications, I pray that I do not get a painful surprise. It seems like my prayers have lost their strength. Very sadly my Islamabad is gaining fame for all the wrong reasons. As usual conspiracy theorist are spinning their web and twisting the facts. As usual, it is someone else's fault.

To all of them, wake up and face it. Pakistan is one tenth of a task for any major Super Power. If we alienate ourselves to this extent from the rest of the world, the only thing we will be able to buy and sell, will be each others head. May GOD protect my land, the land of my forefathers and many who gave everything for this land. Amen.

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