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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting High On Davis, Diyat And Drones

Our so highly charged nation is somehow trying to establish a link between Davis, Diyat and Drones. The drones and their targets are absolutely unrelated to this whole Davis affair. Only a fool would have thought that drone strikes will cease, once Davis was released.

But as usual the right of the right and highly charged masses are trying to make an issue out of the non issue. I am not a proponent of such strikes, but somehow fail to understand, why all of a sudden, there is such hue and cry about these drones. The strikes were going on for ever. No one seems to ask a question, why are those drones targeted in one particular area? Who is there? Who are these drones seeking? All of a sudden FATA and its sovreignty is such a big deal. All along, the world was given this impression that we cannot do much in FATA, because it is a tribal area, only affiliated with us.

So something somewhere does not add up. A publication's editorial touched the real reason. It was a high value target, that was stricken with this recent attack. This really got the people on Pakistani Khakhi side miffed, because they were supposedly not brought on board. The US is perhaps saying, enough is enough, with or without your green signal we are going in, should a window of opportunity opens up.

The political parties are doing their circus as usual. This is their way to keep themselves busy. The comical surprises are, Altaf Bhai asking Taliban to join hands and eradicate all the injustices in our country. Bhai must be tad bit off base on this one, as Talibans are the ones, who have declared war on the innocent civilians of Pakistan. Or is it just political point scoring, or an attempt to bring TTP into the fold of civilised politics of Pakistan.

On the other side, the arch rival, Imran Khan has decided to join hands with Altaf Bhai. Wow what a surprise. Not very long ago, both were at each other's throat, stripping every thing from each other's body, so to speak. Imran and Altaf's joint venture is now focusing on release of Afia. Both should put their money, where there mouth is. Gather enough funds, challenge her conviction in US Supreme court and get her released. Otherwise just shut the heck up.

Then we have PML-Q, who not very long ago were trying to cozy up with PPP. Now, with the "qaumi ghairat" on the line, have decided to boycott the assembly session, where the President is supposed to address. One of their Senator, Ms. Memon wants Pakistan to declare war on the US. Hmmm...I really need the ticket to Ms. Memon's planet, as I think, you don't bite the hand that feeds you. Right Ms. Memon. Besides, who wants to be bombed to the stone age, if Mr. Musharraf is supposed to be trusted.

So we have a soup of crazy folks running around just mouthing off whatever to aggravate the already poor situation. Trying to drill some sense in the heads high on "honour" is absolutely impossible. Davis episode is closed, said and done. The relatives are going to start a new life. Is it me or has someone thought of this as well, they had to be taken out of Pakistan, to protect them from the wrath of their own people. Wow, that's what I call, "high on honour." But as always, everyone else's business is our business. I would borrow these lines from an Urdu saying, which aptly belong here, "Begaani Shadi Main Abdullah Deewana."

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