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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Mother Of All Conspiracies

In the land of Pure, where conspiracy theories are dime a dozen, let me throw one more, in that oozing bucket. This one may shock a few, offend a whole lot but what the heck.

The unstoppable stream of the channels on the "idiotic tube", has a subliminal message, played repeatedly for the average sucker. The mantra played over and over again is, "Both Islam and the only true Muslim country, Pakistan are facing existential threat from the Kafirs." That my friends is the "Mother of All Conspiracies."

1400 plus years or so, Prophet PBUH's message, survived not because of Pakistan or Pakistanis. Its purity and truth are independent of any geography or boundaries. Its message is fairly simple, meant for the entire mankind. Our faith and his predictions guide us, till the Final day, there will be people chanting, "There is no GOD, but the ALMIGHTY, and Muhammed (PBUH) is his Messenger."

So where does the general Pakistani public get off by claiming the "sole proprietorship" of the universal message of a Messenger of the entire mankind. Or is the mankind solely defined by the only righteous and guided people living within the confines of Karachi and Khyber.

Somehow our "National Pride and Soverignty" is being challenged by the infidels. The infidels feel threatened by the zeal, undying passion and the devotion of "True Muslims aka Pakistanis". Never mind if there are forty plus other countries, who have Muslim flags and follow the same message. Or is the conspiracy solely because, we have "New and Clear Assets." The countries around us cannot stand the last citadel of Islam having those unique assets. What evades our common sense very often, that all those countries around us are fully capable and ready to display such assets, should there be any need of such showcasing, at any given time.

The "Mother of All Conspiracies", is that our faith and our country is in grave danger. The root of all realities is that neither is in any peril of that nature. What is in peril is our sense and sensibility towards ourselves and the world around us.

If we continue to spin webs around ourselves of doubts and false pride, we are the ones who will be perishing soon. The world has shrunk with the demolition of the "Berlin Walls Of Ignorance." The choices we are making are extremely detrimental to our existence as a society and as a nation.

Did it ever occur to us that the faith we proudly follow is the most inclusive faith of this world. It was not meant for a certain chosen group of people or a particular lineage. Those who have any doubts, must revisit the "Final Sermon of our Beloved Prophet (PBUH)." Yes the reality is, "piety." Piety only comes, when we are cognisant of the fact that, this life is very temporary. Every single minute is extremely precious and we have a purpose of our existence. The purpose of our existence on this earth is to be the "Messenger of Good." Be humble and leave a legacy of betterment for the mankind. Rest is all a deception.

The followers of "Good" are the striving ones, who have undying faith in their Creator and their personal skills. Who seek excellence in every walk of life and emerge as leaders of the world in betterment and take charge of the humanity. Any deviation from this, is again a deception. Don't fall for this trap, The trap that leads to destruction and the abhorrent injustice.

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