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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Plight Of Air Blue's Victims And Their Families

A Pakistani Newspaper did a follow up story on Air Blue victims. As usual, with no surprises of course, a poor handling of the situation. Many families of the victims are uncompensated.

10 claim to have received compensation, when the Airline claims that it has compensated 95 of them$ Who knows what the truth is. But one thing is certain, that people are showing their dismay on the handling of this tragedy. Many gathered in Karachi and Rawalpindi to voice their justified frustrations.

What really got me was the following, which I am quoting,

"One woman, Sara Tariq, whose father’s body had been misplaced by the authorities, was told that she could now get someone else’s body if she wanted. "

It left me speechless. As much as I am against the hyper sensitivity of the legal process in the US. I hope and wish that it was active and alive in my country of birth. Only severe compensatory and punitive damages can send the necessary signals to such heartless people. Nothing else.

On Obams's Visit To India And Pakistan

Many people in Pakistan, continue to down play the recent visit of President Obama to the neighboring rival, India. Of course there are long standing disputes between the two neighbors, which often trump the facts.

There is no doubt that in the last 10 years or so, India has made significant progress on a lot of fronts. Regretfully, Pakistan is lagging and it would not be harsh to admit, that surviving on life support. Pakistan's general population's "Hate America" tirades cannot erase the fact that, US does not want Pakistan to fail. US has stood by Pakistan in some real tough situations and wants Pakistan to be a stable country. This is all in US national interest, as a stable Pakistan, keeps the balance of power in check and around South Asia.

What is ironic, that US farmed out many of its service sector jobs to India, in the name of "efficiency and out sourcing." The net effect of that ill planned strategy, can be felt in the heartland of America. With double digit unemployment on a national level, Americans are struggling with this so called " global recession."

Even in this global recession, there are two countries, which are definitely moving in the right direction, India and China. No matter how much the facts are twisted, India is on target by embracing one factor to its fullest. It is clearly education laced with modern day skills.

President Obama's announcement of $10 Billion in trading partnership with India, should not come as a surprise. By the way, his announcement of this move is supposed to create more jobs in the US, as unbelievable it may sound. This is a lost opportunity for Pakistan. Being one of its staunchest ally in all these years, this should have been in Pakistan's sector. But very painfully we are recipients of aids and promises of more aid, provided, we get "our act together."

As much as we Pakistanis criticize India for being a fundamentalist "Hindu state", and this too in response to their swipe on us being, the "fanatic Islamists", the fact remains quite obvious. We are no competition to India, when it comes to its size, population, resources, skills, heritage, arts and diversity.

Only if we realize where we are utterly missing the boat, so to speak, we can move forward in this world. The world is a huge marketplace of ideas and skills. The only thing in demand will be the dynamic abilities to acquire and implement those skills. Those who would sit on the sidelines and mock others will soon become a sorry chapter in the books of global history.

Although a visit by President Obama to Pakistan, is on the horizon in March 2011, but the end result may not be the same. It will be more of, "Pakistan to do more", "We appreciate your help", and "US is not at war against Islam and Pakistan", so on and so forth. I wish and hope that it would be not about aid and terrorism, but about jobs and tangible development. Otherwise it will be just vain rhetoric and people at Foreign Office will be able to prove that Pakistan can attract President Obama as well.

Friday, November 12, 2010

How Hilarious Can You Be Mush Sahib

Mush Sahib was on NPR today here in the US and according to Dawn, he said that ,

"""WASHINGTON: Pakistan’s former military ruler Pervez Musharraf said Friday that all elected governments have failed the country, as he tries to mount a political comeback.

On a speaking tour of the United States, Musharraf said he wanted to return to power through popular will but did not agree that “we want a democratically elected government and that is all, period.”


Will some one perhaps from his advisors tell him to open his mouth with caution as every time he opens it, he shoots himself in the foot. So simplifying his statement, what he is saying is:

a) All elected governments failed, which would make one under his leadership fit the category as well, the one which was PML Q dominated so vociferously defended by his elected cronies.

b) He wants to make a come back via an election, so that means that he is destined to fail as well, because according to the history narrated by him, all democratic governments have failed.

News to Mush Sahib, Facebook following never is an indication, because people on Face book very rarely leave the comfort of their house to vote. Its always the poor and down trodden who have no access to Facebook are the ones who stand in lines in hopes of their vote changing their ever deteriorating future

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Karachi To You They Say Tabahi Mubarik

Those of you who are unfamiliar with Karachi, should know that Club Road is a very popular spot in my beloved city. The prestigious Pearl Continental and Sheraton Hotels in close proximity, Karachi Gymkhana and Baradari Gardens close by and the infamous PIDC House.

Around the corner, you have the PIDC Paan House, GOD knows whatever their real names are, but commonly called PIDC Paan Houses. Cars throng that area late at night and people stroll, demonstrating that they are alive and well. People stop for a chilled bottle of soft drink a unique and famous Paan. Living, enjoying and being in the moment to its fullest.

The bombs that ripped that area leaving major holes, several dead bodies and scores of wounded people, shook the city again. The city which was barely recovering from the blasts of Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine, hardly a few weeks ago. The city once known as "City Of Lights" slowly and gradually denigrating to a "City of Darkness."

Dark it is as the enemy is vengeful, callous and coward. He hates laughter and happiness. Many have offered their ultimate sacrifice prior to this Eid. What ever those barbarians were looking for, after leaving the bloody trail and tears in many eyes, would perhaps celebrate their Eid in advance. Embracing each other, perhaps they will offer the salutations and greetings of "Tabahi Mubarak."