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Friday, June 24, 2011

President Obama's Road Map To Re Election

Original Article: Pak Tea House

President Obama laid out his plans for troop draw down from Afghanistan. At least he is cognizant of the fact that 2012 re election bid is fast approaching. He will be on the campaign trail soon, behind the podiums, talking to a whole lot of Americans.

It is no surprise, that his approval ratings took a plunge again, right after the OBL episode. The fact remains that generally people are a bit disappointed with the first term. The troop withdrawal was one of his 2008 campaign items and it is wise of him to follow through.

The Obama administration can definitely take credit for OBL elimination and some other stalwarts of the Jihadi side, in and around Pakistan. It is true that, Pakistan has taken a lot of heat right after May 02. The other fact that Afghanistan is one heck of a monster is perhaps well known to his policy gurus. When all the American troops depart, there is a strong possibility of the resurgence of not so America friendly, non state actors.

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