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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Curious Case Of Suo Moto Notice Of Ms. Odho's Wine Bottles

Any reasonable person will not disagree, that if Ms. Odho was violating any law by carrying two wine bottles in her luggage, from Islamabad to Karachi on a PIA flight, she is answerable. If there is a law that requires her to declare the spirits she is carrying, with her on a domestic flight, then it should be enforced.

There is no question that Ms. Odho is a frequent traveler and more than likely familiar with the laws of carrying the spirits on an aircraft. If media reports are true and she has resigned from the post of the Vice President of APML, then there is some truth to the matter.
Those who are being critical of her carrying bottles of wine in an "Islami country", ought to get a life. Agreed that her conduct does not sit well with her political persona. Especially when former President Musharraf's party's manifesto was based on Holy Quran. There is a clear injunction in Holy Quran about drinking and there is no doubt about it.
As a scribe in a very popular daily, her writings mostly have a patriotic fervor. This scribe remembers one of her write ups, where she emphasized on her reason to move back to Pakistan, was due to the family values of East. Certainly, even if the bottles were a gift for a friend, it just puts a lot of question marks towards her conduct as a public figure.
The most striking issue of this whole episode is the prompt suo moto notice of our Supreme Court. It just makes you wonder, that the apex court has all the time in the world to focus on what would ordinarily be considered as "non issue." Is it really that important is the key question.
One would at least assume that even if a law was broken or a statute of safety was violated, there may be lower courts to handle such incidences. Does it really beg the time of a three member bench to take an immediate notice?
There are many pressing issues ahead of the apex court. So much has transpired in Pakistan, ever since May 02, 2011 and the list is so long, that regurgitating the list would not do justice to so many items worthy of some prompt justice.
If anything it taints the credibility of the highest echelon of the justice system. Ms. Odho being Vice President (now former) of APML, was perhaps being viewed a bit closely. The reason for bad blood between the SC and Mr. Musharraf is common knowledge. This scribe's personal opinion about Mr. Musharraf and his party are fairly well known at this forum. However, as a common man, I feel that it is perhaps not the most effective use of the valuable time of the apex court. This is a very respectful plea and hope that your Lordship (stealing the title from a very senior, and one of my favorite scribe, Ayaz Amir), would consider it.
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