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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Insanityville! Are We There Yet

Appeared on Daily Times June 04, 2011

Those of us who are proud parents can relate to when our children are going through their "terrible twos." Any thing we ask from our children, their instantaneous reply is always, "No." It almost seems like a good number of our countrymen are still going through their terrible twos. In their case, shall we add "extremely" to their sorry situation. No matter what plethora of evidence is presented and regardless of any rhyme, reason or logic, they are unable to embrace the bitter reality.

The presence of our "security analysts" and their "pot shot" analysis is becoming far more amusing than the best sit com in any language on any TV channel. The stories of the strategic grandeur of our country and its geopolitical significance to the rest of the world has become a laughing matter.

As taught in school, the "analysis paralysis" often mars the ability to think straight. PNS Mehran turned out to be yet another "conspiracy" hatched by our "worst enemies." (That's according to the narrative being churned by some of our analysts)

From the day of creation of Pakistan to PNS Mehran, the list of conspiracies is never ending. Heck let's even roll back the tape to East India Company and the conspiracies of British in the United India. I can go on and on. So the Brits, who were supposed to be true evils to the core (our text book version), came to India to steal "our Kohinoor" and dismantle the "Muslim Rule."

Sit back and think, the Mughals had their good hundred plus year of rule. Granted in any monarchy, there are power hungry people, who either conspire or kill to ascend to the throne. But isn't this the primary reason why good intelligence is critical to thwart such plots. No one is completely denying or dismissing, that those rulers had their foes. But to strictly blame others for conspiring against them is denying reality. They share the blame as well for poor intelligence gathering, lack of planning, governing and proper execution of their vision.

Any time there is a weakness somewhere it gets exploited. Ask any coach of any sport, and they will tell you the same thing. It is a perfect example of accessing the adversary, devising a strategy to exploit their weakness. Then applying an offensive strategy where it becomes absolutely essential and all this while never foregoing the defense. Then and only then chances are that you can emerge as victorious.

Same goes for the national security paradigm. By simply blaming others for their devious intent cannot absolve us from the lack of our responsibilities. If one were to add the amount of conspiracies churned by our most loathed rivals, the remanence of Pakistan, on the map of this world, is nothing short of a divine miracle. One of the analyst giving his commentary on the Mehran fiasco, gave credit to the superior training of the terrorists. Makes you wonder why would our valiant brass not factor that into the equation, when they prepare for counter terrorism.

Then the most repeated and overplayed line of the world after our "nuclear assets", just makes you bang your head in the wall. Supposedly, our most famous foes, such as US, Israel and neighboring India are all nuclear powers themselves. It is not so unique of a capability that those countries are not able to replicate. Perhaps other countries may have such ability as well, but those countries refrain to carry it as a medal of honor.

One of my fellow scribe put it very aptly on "Yaum e Takbeer", by sending me a message. It is a day that we celebrate to flaunt in front of the world. Although this bomb was supposed to be a deterrent, but in essence now we are protecting it, even though it was supposed to be doing vice versa. I couldn't disagree with him one bit.

Looking back 13 years, if we would have opted for diplomacy at that juncture, we may have been in a different place perhaps. Even though we have this great asset, but are we any safer? That's the key question. Those of us who think that our neighbors would annihilate us with their bomb, ought to think again. The trigger from that end would translate into a destruction of unimaginable proportion.

Its not the bombs and missiles that this entire region needs. This region has been through epic destruction and deprivation for decades. Our common enemy is illiteracy, poverty and lack of development. So those of us who remain in fools paradise by flaunting this bomb, should ask themselves. Can any bomb feed an empty stomach or better the lives of countless generations who are surviving in sub human conditions.

But the expected response would be a blatant denial from those quarters with the usual conspiracy mantra. To that steady journey that we are headed towards very sadly, I say, "Insanityville, are we there yet?"
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