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Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's a people's government after all

Original Article: Daily Times

In any other part of the world, whoever led to the bin Laden hideout in Abbottabad, would be rewarded. I had foolishly thought that these people would get the sum of the bounty that Bush had announced on OBL's head. But in Pakistan things are mostly the other way around. When the New York Times broke the news that 'CIA informants' in Pakistan were under arrest, I shook my head, perhaps like many others, and muttered, "There we go again."

If these people were responsible for espionage of state secrets or did something that compromised the national security, Pakistan had all the right to react in this manner. Here we have people who facilitated the riddance of a notorious terrorist, who had nothing positive to his credit, who are now facing the music for it. There was a swift denial from the usual quarters rubbishing any such move. It was dubbed as yet another attempt to smear the spotless and the valiant.

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