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Sunday, June 5, 2011

1 down, 3 more to go

Original Article on LUBP dated June 04, 2011

Last week if you recall, this scribe wrote a post about US Secretary of State Clinton's visit and the four names, that were on her list. Re capping those 4 names were, Zawahiri, Siraj Haqqani, Ilyas Kashmiri and Atiya Abdel Rahman.

Major news outlets like ET and Dawn have confirmed of another drone strike taking down 1 out of 4. Ilyas Kashmiri is gone, the latest victim of the "evil drones", according to one of our heavily charged former sportsman.

I can hear someone in the State Department saying, "Well Done Boys, 1 down, 3 more to go." If the reports and preliminary investigations into the killing of slain journalist, Syed Saleem Shahzad are true, then IK and his gang had some connection. At least to the extent that PNS Mehran attack was carried out by IK's people and SSS tried to expose the connection of the infiltration of the IK boys in Pak Navy. The rest is common knowledge.

Now objectively thinking, even if one is vehemently against the drones, one has to agree with these pesky "ababeels" for something: their precision in most cases and their effectiveness. A ground offensive in the region has so many odds. But these things fly in, get the job done and within an hour, the world gets to hear about their accomplishment.

Our gung ho commentators, who consider this as a major violation of the sovereignty ought to consider this rather convincing one liner, "Its a dirty job and some one's got to do it." If anything, we should be thankful, that it saves our precious men in Khakhis from a deadly combat.

From all the signs that are so apparent, it is becoming extremely obvious. The heat will be on in the coming months. Chances are that remaining high value targets will be hunted down as well. Some of our misguided anchors, who think this is all about the re election bid of President Obama, are perhaps clueless about American politics. Things are mostly a cliffhanger till November 3rd, even a day prior to our polling. Whether President Obama gets to retain the Oval Office or not, the "War on Terror", will be continuous and ongoing. It is as clear as day to a lot of people around the globe.
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