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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Deep Rooted Frustrations

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The advent of information revolution has truly shattered the myths of what used to be our religious or patriotic cocoon. In this day and age, where information is traveling perhaps at the rate of speed of light, we are unable to blind this world with our imaginary narratives

Not a single day goes by without people lambasting the situations and conditions around our nation. At one end you have social issues and to the other political. There seems to be such a confusion and chaos. A nation in all honesty trying to find itself, with some very tough and challenging questions.

On a social level we are struggling with the concept of what kind of Pakistan it ought to be and on political level, whether civil or military rule is better for our nation. These social and political issues are inter twined and create a passionate discourse in the forums. The entire history of Pakistan, since its inception comes under attack and the follies, shortcomings and failures are regurgitated endlessly.

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