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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thw Wrestling Match Of PML-N And MQM

By D. Asghar

It sure seems like the two parties at each other throats for quite some time. A few years back, our former Cricket star cum some what of a failed Politician, Immy Bhai went to London, with a lot of noise. He met another of our political big wig, who was in a self imposed exile, our own former Ameer ul Momineen, Janab Nawaz Sharif. Both of them probably had plenty of good desi food at Southall and came back with some really tall claims against our own and one and only, Peer Sahib of London Shareef, every one's brother and saviour, "Altaf Bhai."

Immy Bhai brought some "irrefutable evidence" against Altaf Bhai and said that he was going to consult his legal team in London. Well Altaf Bhai has been sitting pretty in London Shareef. Immy Bhai found another punching bag called "Amreeka" and seems to think that any every thing going wrong with our nation, is all due to the, "Global War of Error."

Immy Bhayya likes to be on TV talk shows as well and often seems to be saying whatever he feels like, in a "pukka kuptaani" manner. One humble request to Immy Bhayya, he needs to go back to "kirkit", and take control of the PCB and bring back life into our ailing "kirkit team." Lately, poor team has been marred with scandals over scandals about "Noora kirkit."

Getting back to our Ameer Sharif, who spent a lot of time in Saudia Shareef for no good reason, other than bringing a General Butt in the "hot seat." Well that started a whole new episode, which is of course another subject for another day. So when Ameer ul Momineen made a come back to our gifted land and that too without any "deal", that was another very big "deal."

After the "alaikshuns", the "kuntry" was divided along the lines of language and ethnicity as usual. Karachi as usual became the MQM territory and Punjab went to Nawaz League. Ameer ul Momineed Nawaz's "peepul" have identified all the "kulpruts" in Karachi, and posed their scathing criticism on MQM. Altaf Bhayya has turned his verbal guns on the PML-N and asked for a "Maar Shull Laa", only in Punjaab. (The land of Oyey Jageerdara and Surmayaydaara as he so fondly calls it).

Our National "Assumbly" has turned into a "Akhara", between the two rivals. The other day some real "harush wurds" were "axechanged" and the jabs were thrown at each other. Some how PML-N wallah's have an issue with Altaf Bhai's "Birtish Passporut." What is wrong with Bhai having a "Birtish Passporut." After all we were part of the same "Taaj e Burtanya." Bhai has sung the song very aptly, "Iss Puirchum (Union Jack) key sayey taley hum aik hain, hum aik hain."

On a serious note, it is rather ridiculous for the two parties to act as amateur and childish, as they have lately. Both have their respective power and vote base. Both have their area and people with a myriad of issues. It is about time, that both come out of their wrestling ring and pay attention to their respective electorate. Lastly, the ethnic and linguistic politics ought to be buried forever. The country should be open for every party to participate in any and all areas. That's what "demmo kraisy" is all about.

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