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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Hi Fi Anti Umreekan Sentiments

The killings of two individuals at the hand of an American Consulate worker, Mr. Davis are unfortunate and reprehensible. Although, Mr. Davis has indicated and maintained his stance that he acted in self defence, the majority of our nation is simply unwilling to buy his account. The reason is plain and simple, our infinite hate towards his country of citizenship.

There were conflicting reports in our media about Mr. Davis's diplomatic status and whether he did in fact act in self defence. Needless to say, our media and government provided a few confusing accounts and there you had a perfect storm brewing from all sides.

Where Mr. Davis's act should be condemned, but comparing it to Dr. Afia Siddiqui and making it look like the two situations were identical is down right ludicrous. To exacerbate the situation, the ever confused government played a "Ping Pong" of various accounts and status of the accused. The Interior Minister's involvement and digression towards Provincial Government were indication of we have "novice administrative people" on the saddle.

Of course, the pressure from US was concerning as well. From the Consulate to the Embassy, the State Department to the Senate Arm's Committee, reiterating the status of the accused and putting Pakistan in a rather precarious position. The ever hyper sensitive people took to the streets and vented their anger with the usual Anti American sentiments.

All of this got me thinking as usual. I certainly have sympathy for the deceased and feel sorry for their families, despite their dubious characters as presented by the media. But with cooler heads may be we ought to re examine this whole episode. Put the sensitive nature of our area in perspective, where foreigners were beheaded in the past, and be in the shoes of a person like Davis for a moment.

Again, what Mr. Davis did, by all accounts is wrong. Mr. Davis should have not taken the law in his own hands. Here in the US, certain states allow the citizens to carry guns and if the fire arms are used in self defence which has to be proven, generally the accused is set free. People who were questioning Mr. Davis's fire arms ought to look in our own back yard as each day we see the misuse of heavy duty ammunition by our valiant countrymen.

Looking at Mr. Davis's previous record, according to our media, he made several trips to Pakistan in the past and did not show any disdain for its people or place. May be he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Looking at the track record of US Consulate employees, it is reasonable to deduce that, this unfortunate incident was an exception. Seemingly, there is no element of pre meditation. Of course the victim's families must be compensated. Whether it is the law of the land or international law, it must prevail.

The tragic angle of this whole situation is the suicide attempt by a spouse of a victim. This is according to our media in protest as the spouse feels that justice will not be served. I feel the pain of the young lady, but if every grieving spouse followed her path in despair, soon this earth would be half way empty. This act is equally pathetic.

Lastly, to the usual chest thumpers I raise this scenario. Suppose the accused was not an American, but a Saudi or Emirati or Kuwaiti and his name was not Davis but Bin So and So, and Prince or Prince in waiting, would they still be out on the streets with full hi fi volume. I think not.

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