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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rahat's Detention In India: Not a Pleasant Surprise

Rahat may have his foes in India. There may be professional rivalry and prejudice and what have you, but his recent detention at New Dehli's airport for allegedly carrying $124,000 in cash is sure another egg on our faces.

Undoubtedly, Rahat is an icon in himself at this stage of his career. His defence for such an act, is to say the least very weak. According to the electronic media, his comeback has been that he is a high school drop out and unfamiliar with the customs laws etc.

Being an ardent fan like many, I must say that I am utterly disappointed. It defies any reasonable intellect. This was not the first time that Rahat had done this "innocent blemish." The large currency laws of almost every nation are fairly similar. Besides, according to the reports, the currency was being carried in the accompanied and the unaccompanied baggage.

Now every one, no matter how ignorant they are with the laws of any country, know that you do not let a large sum of money go into the baggages. Besides, no matter where you disembark, the "Customs Declaration" form is handed to you In the flights, almost prior to landing. The purpose is to acquaint you with the laws of the land, so you do not miss anything.

Rahat has been a frequent traveller not only to India, but almost every part of the world. Last year in April, this scribe truly enjoyed his concert here in the US. He seems to be familiar with English and in his interviews, has used English words and phrases. The impression, one gets that he can read, write and understand English. So he could easily comprehend what the "Customs Declaration" really means. Being an astute singer and businessman, he must be familiar with contracts as well. Mostly, those in India and most other countries are written in English. Even if he uses the excuse of all such matters being handled by his Agent or Manager, both were reportedly accompanying him.

Our charged friends in Pakistan, are pegging this act of our hero into the usual "conspiracy hole." There may be some truth, that some one tipped the Indian Customs. But the tip supposedly was genuine and a law was being broken. People who are using the usual pathetic reasoning of "so and so did it as well" are again solidifying the "dubious notoriety" of us Pakistanis. Whenever we are in a pickle, so to speak, its always someone else's fault. That my friends is the "biggest national issue."

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