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Friday, February 18, 2011

The New Sphinx Of Egypt

If nothing else, when President Obama stands in front of the potential voters in a year plus or so, he has something to brag about. It is no secret that his team of advisors and experts were instrumental in bringing the momentous change in the history of the beleaguered nation of Egypt.

Thousands gathered with their unyielding spirits and sound determination to unseat an iconic dictator. Who would have imagined, a few months back, that this could possibly happen in a country proud of its historical background, stupendous monuments and iron fisted rulers who were symbolic for "stability."

A poignant reminder for many authoritarian dictators and the Pharoahs of modern times, there time is up. The information age has arrived and deceit and deception are commodities in absolutely short supply. People cannot be fooled and sold falsehood. The world has shrunk and we are truly in a global village. From Canberra to Somalia, New Foundland to Calcutta, we are all threaded into the same loop.

The human desires and needs are the same. The faces may be different, the eyes may have a varying shade, but hopes and aspirations are almost identical. Freedom to choose, elect and be respected. Freedom to acquire and market useful skills and freedom to prosper and progress. To live in peace and tranquility and leave the world with a legacy of dignity and character.

The streets of Cairo have given a new hope to the oppressed, to the masses in a region where force and fear have been the only language in comprehension. To those who find a conspiracy in any and every action of mankind, this may be another mysterious quandary to unravel. Simply speaking, there are certain events, which happen without any confounding mystery. The empty stomachs and overwhelming despair find their way on their own at the opportune moment. That moment typically is the tipping point for their bent up emotions. Emotions when released in earnest, are more powerful than any storms, floods or hurricanes. The impact of such raw yet pure and true emotions is irreversible.

Those wagging tongues and chattering faces on the mini screen, who are consumed in drawing parrallels between Egypt and Pakistan must take a break from the idiot box. If it was a few years back, the comparison would be more apt and appropriate. Our country by the grace of Almighty is out of the clutches of another dictator, much like many others who have shamelessly kept us deprived from the fruits of democracy and pursuit of betterment. Those who think that we are under mini Pharoahs of all times, who thrive on social injustice must raise their voice against such elements. Point to ponder on is, there will always be injustice of some sorts. Point to dig deeper and dwell on is, if the voices against such evil are collective and concerted, it gives the accurate signals to such dark elements rather loudly and clearly, their time is up.

Those who are hell bent on seeing the unrepentant rage in many of our nation to spill over and initiate new chapters of mayhem, must learn to live and let live. Tyranny of any sorts is unacceptable to the masses. Whether it is of a person, a flawed idea or a group of misguided people. Nations move together, when the ideals are uniform and goals have an over arching purpose. Imposition of any thing by force of fear has no life at all. The ideas that envelope everybody and touch the chords of every heart are truly liberating. Those ideas that are inclusive and instill mutual respect for the mankind, bond and gel us together forever.

To the valiant people of Egypt, the world saw your faith and determination. We witnessed your resolve and undying patience. It is so moving to see the jubilant and triumphant faces, the fluttering flags and the uncontrollable excitement. We are with you in this moment of victory, we are with you in this time of blessing.

To those empty stomachs and pale faces, here comes the bigger and harsher reality to cope with. Your woes and cries will not come to a screeching halt. Your protests may have come to an end, but the pains will still carry on. Any new administration, will have a juggernaut of a task to deal with. A torn nation to unite, opportunities to create and invite prosperity to reign. That's where time and efforts will be needed from one and all. Often the charged populace expects miracles from the new faces, which would be next to impossible. When the pace of change is not up to the expectations, you may be overwhelmingly dismayed and disgruntled, and lose faith in the process. Please do not trade your triumph with despair at any cost.

By the sides of Nile, your 18 days of struggle has created a new sphinx. The one and only sphinx, which will speaks for itself. Lions ought to seek courage from that sphinx. Long live the new sphinx of Egypt and may it ever stand proudly overlooking the banks of the Nile.

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