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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome To Pakilistan

Welcome to Pakillistan. Where we kill indiscriminately, any where, any place, any time, any way, when it comes to dissent. We kill people as it is a divine duty ours. We are the solely guided and only righteous Muslims that ALMIGHTY ever created on this planet.

We profess that we are the true Muslimeens. We don't care that ALMIGHTY calls HIMSELF, "AL-REHMAN" and "AL-RAHEEM." We do not have the words of compassion or mercy in our dictionary. Those virtues some how seem to evade us. We only see the GOD as GOD ALMIGHTY, full of wrath and fire. Knowing full well, that without GOD's compassion and mercy, we are not even able to exhale our next breath.

We are the judge, we are the jury and we are the executioners. On the entire planet, we are the only nation, on whom the ALMIGHTY has bestowed this burdensome, yet very righteous responsibility. We often tend to forget that there is a day of judgment ahead. Our patience is wearing thin, we can hardly wait for that day, so we give our judgment on any and everybody almost every day.

We believe that we our the only superior people GOD has created. Any body who does not subscribe to our belief system or the way we pray or address our GOD, has either no right to live or if he or she does, their life is not dear to the ALMIGHTY. We often ignore that it is ALMIGHTY who created the other beings as well and separated us by color, language, region and beliefs so we can be differentiated and identified.

We write our own rules and want the world to accept our way or it is highway. We glorify and sanctify the murderers as our true heroes. We believe that we have the right of taking the life of anybody at any given moment. We are the GOD's chosen people, who GOD wants to occupy his seven heavens. The rest of the people are all meant as fuel for GOD's ever burning Hell.

We bomb innocent people minding their business, kill women, children, helpless, poor or rich, unarmed or un alarmed. Heck we take pride in blowing up the graves of saints and the dead. Killing is what we excel in. Killing is what we are meant for. The day, we do not see some red human blood flowing on our streets, is the day, we mourn. We want the world to get it. The world is in denial. The world needs to know. As we know it all. Killing has become our business and if there was an index somewhere, we will be right on top of that index.

Welcome to Pakillistan, are you ready to be killed.!!!!! Let the killing continue.

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