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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Plight Of Air Blue's Victims And Their Families

A Pakistani Newspaper did a follow up story on Air Blue victims. As usual, with no surprises of course, a poor handling of the situation. Many families of the victims are uncompensated.

10 claim to have received compensation, when the Airline claims that it has compensated 95 of them$ Who knows what the truth is. But one thing is certain, that people are showing their dismay on the handling of this tragedy. Many gathered in Karachi and Rawalpindi to voice their justified frustrations.

What really got me was the following, which I am quoting,

"One woman, Sara Tariq, whose father’s body had been misplaced by the authorities, was told that she could now get someone else’s body if she wanted. "

It left me speechless. As much as I am against the hyper sensitivity of the legal process in the US. I hope and wish that it was active and alive in my country of birth. Only severe compensatory and punitive damages can send the necessary signals to such heartless people. Nothing else.

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