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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Well Done Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

Although personally, I am against the dynasty politics, but Bilawal Bhutto Zardari's recent statement is commendable. A 23 year old has the guts to say what should be said by every real living breathing Pakistani.

The bold statement made by BBZ in favour of all minorities and calling the people celebrating the death of slain Governor, the real blasphemers, speaks volumes about the young man's character. We need people like him, who can speak from their heart and mind.

The recent showdown in the electronic and print media of this being a liberal and conservative issue is absolutely inaccurate. It seems like Bilawal repeated the lines that are running through many sane Pakistani heads. It is absolutely a right versus wrong issue.
As a nation, we are an inclusive nation, made up of citizens with varying beliefs. Yes predominantly Muslim, but all the rest of the people residing within or outside Pakistan, with their roots in this country are equally Pakistani. Our constitution, provides the same protection to them. They have the freedom to practice their faith as they choose.

Many would consider me totally out of touch from reality based on the last paragraph, no I am not. Yes, we have steered away from the vision of our founding father. However, all struggles continue on the hopes and aspirations of many who see injustice as wrong and intend to alter the course. With such a statement coming from a young
Pakistani, I see this glass half full. There are many more Pakistanis who have expressed their outrage at the cold blooded murder of Governor Taseer.
PTH has been instrumental in covering the voices of reason from around the globe.

Bilawal's statement can be considered a political rhetoric, but for right now it has to be accepted at face value. When the time comes and Bilawal, if elected reverses his stance, then we may discard him as another run of the mill politician. Until then, he deserves our benefit of doubt.

Yes he is young and naïve right now, but after the untimely loss of his illustrious mother, has shown immense maturity with this statement. Yes, he has the spark of his mother and his grandfather. The spark, that we badly need to get ourselves out of this dark ditch of hatred and intolerance.

Ultimately, a nation does not sustain itself or prospers merely on a uniform faith. It is the nationalistic ideology, common values, and inclusive vision, which binds us all together. One humble request to Mr. BBZ, please keep this going and stay firm on your words. Let's build a saner Pakistan.

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