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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Killing Fields Of Karachi

Electronic media is ablaze with recent senseless killings in the Port City. Nobody knows, who comes from nowhere, kills people indiscriminately and disappears.

These victims are people who are in down trodden areas of the city, barely trying to cope with the insanity called life. The sight of living conditions, that many face in S.I.T.E area, Orangi Town, Baldia Township and Sohrab Goth, would make us all appreciate our lives. The question that often remains unanswered is why them?

These are not wealthy people, they have barely enough to buy the meal for the day. Why all of this then and who benefits from these so called, "target killings.". Our very own Interior Minister has been told by his "seventh sense", that there is a "hidden hand", a "third power", behind all of this recent massacre.

Immediately after such bizarre incidents, joint investigation teams are formulated. The administration reassures the citizens that, all will be done to bring the culprits to justice, but it seems like it is bunch of hot air. No one knows, about the outcome of any such previous investigations and hoping any thing from new ones is utter stupidity.

The grand politicians blame each other's parties for such lawlessness. Some blame it on "drug mafia" and "land mafia." All these statements seem to be quite ludicrous. If such incidents were occurring in affluent neighbourhoods, then such assertions would be valid. What would drug and land mafia gain from people who have nothing to spare. The land where they are barely covering their head in the most deplorable conditions, is not even theirs. Something defies intelligence here.

Some blame the local gangs for spreading the mayhem. Typically gangs in the slums have their turf wars. But in most cases those are targeted towards an individual. Not a spree that we witness in such often incidents, which are repeated quite often.

The law enforcement agencies, consider those areas as "off limits", and stay away from those war zones for the obvious reasons. It is often noted, that a rather calm and content Karachi can turn into a mini hell in no time.

The city faces way too many problems as its population is soaring and resources are running very thin. Yet no one can pin point, who is behind, these very targeted, "target killings." Of course one can always blame RAW and Mossad. Because, after all a "Muslim cannot kill another Muslim." Go figure.

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