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Friday, November 12, 2010

How Hilarious Can You Be Mush Sahib

Mush Sahib was on NPR today here in the US and according to Dawn, he said that ,

"""WASHINGTON: Pakistan’s former military ruler Pervez Musharraf said Friday that all elected governments have failed the country, as he tries to mount a political comeback.

On a speaking tour of the United States, Musharraf said he wanted to return to power through popular will but did not agree that “we want a democratically elected government and that is all, period.”


Will some one perhaps from his advisors tell him to open his mouth with caution as every time he opens it, he shoots himself in the foot. So simplifying his statement, what he is saying is:

a) All elected governments failed, which would make one under his leadership fit the category as well, the one which was PML Q dominated so vociferously defended by his elected cronies.

b) He wants to make a come back via an election, so that means that he is destined to fail as well, because according to the history narrated by him, all democratic governments have failed.

News to Mush Sahib, Facebook following never is an indication, because people on Face book very rarely leave the comfort of their house to vote. Its always the poor and down trodden who have no access to Facebook are the ones who stand in lines in hopes of their vote changing their ever deteriorating future

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