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Friday, May 27, 2011

SMQ: New Rebel With An Old Cause

Qureshi Sahib is sounding more and more like some one with the "sour grapes" syndrome. Undoubtedly, as a Foreign Minister he had a considerable clout. He was seen with world leaders and made his efforts to portray the Pakistani image abroad, to the best of his ability. To some extent, he was seen as being successful.

But with the portfolio gone, he is sounding more and more like a typically traditional politician at home. In a recent address, where he has claimed that PPP has an in internal split, over forming an alliance with PML-Q, is perhaps a new move to create fissures within the party. This scribe has touched on the nuptials of PPP and Q, in a daily newspaper's online edition.

Of course the marriage of conveniences very rarely get to live in the everlasting bliss and very rarely, get to "live happily ever after." The trade of the usual "give and take" fails in the longer run. Especially, when the agendas of two parties are totally opposite.

SMQ and Ms. Wahab, both got axed for the Davis issue. Both spoke their minds, although with differing opinions. But many turned this into the fissures within the party. Both got reprimanded rather heavily.

The spin masters made their fate as the President and also the party Co-Chairperson's wrath for going against the party discipline. The reality is that political leadership in Islamabad was following the queues of the real leadership in Rawalpindi. Very rarely you see, people focusing their ire, where it rightfully belongs.

A true party loyalist, even at odds within the party, tries to stick to the party line, at least in public. Of course, if and when he decides to leave the party, then open criticism is fair game and the right of a political leader.

As a participant in this forum has rightly pointed, that over propping of Imran Khan sounds more like the modern day rehashing of the old IJI formula. IK is perhaps being made the new Nawaz Sharif. SMQ's newly critical viewpoint of PPP, the scenarios of a "national government" by some, may be part of the same end game. Who plays those behind the scene games, is well known. Very rarely, you get to see public anger towards those players.

The recent verdict of SC on Mukhtaran Mai rape case, where "lack of evidence" was the major issue, the spin masters are putting its blame back on the government. The reason given is that government's law enforcement agencies are the main culprits, according to those spinners. Well very few are focusing on, under whose term and watch, these agencies did a pathetic job. Very rarely we get to focus on the real culprits. Right. It is under the same watch, where physical and crucial evidence of Benazir's murder was washed, within hours.

SMQ may be also be the new rebel with the old cause. The days ahead will demonstrate, where all of this is headed. The telltale signs are rather apparent.


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