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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Obama Speaks: "I Was Born In the USA"

Even though he did not sing the unofficial anthem, but what President Obama said loud and clear, by releasing his detailed Birth Certificate, "I was born in the USA." Told you so. Of course its not adequate for the detractors, especially Donald Trump and company. Mr. Trump is all "fired" up, with this issue. Even with this, Mr. Trump, still sounded skeptical and wanted to see the Certificate, himself. It is high time that Mr. Trump focuses on, how to make us all richer much like him, or before you know it, the RNC, may be telling him, what he is famous for, you guessed it, "You're fired."

Yes Mr. Obama may have not been so successful of a President, but as this scribe has previously stated, any one even Senator McCain, would be facing the similar issues. Borrowing another phrase from another famous former President, " After all, Its the economy stupid."

On one of the Saturday radio addresses, the GOP spokesperson, was advocating and emphasizing on the "J" word, you guessed it, the "jobs." The well meaning politician was stressing on the need to create more jobs by giving small businesses, supply and access to credit. OK understood, well and good. But I wanted to ask the gentlemen, 8 years and two wars (one at least one was based on faulty intelligence and the other has no end in sight), what else did you expect?

The gentleman was emphasizing on "fiscal discipline", and I agree with him. But the control was the responsibility of the man in charge of the White House for 8 long years. You don't pick up a fight and drive your home to this situation. Have the monetary resources to engage in the conflict, if not then come up with another plan. Being penny wise always pays off.

Of course the proponents argue, well it has made America a lot safer. I beg to differ on that one, as we have this constant fear looming over our shoulders, no matter what. Even if we were to open war theaters all over the world to contain this menace, the fundamental question remains the same, "Shouldn't our first priority be our homeland?"

But like many other countries, our conservatives tend to put the blame on the other side very conveniently, and dodge their goofs with some lame excuse. The conservatives in my country of birth act rather similarly to their ideological partners in the US. They tend to waste valuable time on origin, religion and other unimportant stuff, which has no bearing on the long term viability and stability of the nation.

I picked up a blog, where some are criticizing the appearance of the President on Oprah. I read something on the cover of National Enquirer, where it was alleging that Mr. Obama was begging Oprah to save her from Trump. I laughed as it was comical. In politics, certain moves are " completely political." The aides in dark Armani suits, get paid to churn out these ideas.
I am sure if the Republican guy was in a similar political pickle, he would have reached out to someone with affinity, like Hannity. It is all Politics after all. Isn't it. For God's sake, let's focus on what we really should, making this country safer from the inside and bringing prosperity back. Rest is all talking points as usual.
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