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Sunday, April 17, 2011

We Are The Cannibals!

Like many I was disgusted and shocked, when cannibals among us were discovered. These were two villagers in Punjab, who indulged in this inhumane and abhorrent act. The public disdain towards this madness was very natural. The electronic and print media rightfully reported and condemned such deplorable and pathetic act.

Of course mental illness can be the only rational explanation for such a demonic act. What kind of sadistic pleasure, can one derive by killing and consuming their own?

But somehow, our condemnation only stops right there. We rarely demonstrate similar objections, when it comes to our own behavior, similar to those demented individuals. For those of you, who may be confused a bit by my statement, ought to observe and examine our personal behavior on a daily basis.

Holy Prophet (PBUH) has warned us against backbiting and trying to dig into the private lives of others. He termed it being equivalent to eating the flesh of your brother. Again, I am the first one to admit, that I have committed this sin almost every day, perhaps without even giving it much of a thought.

In one of the forums, when someone dug some juicy dirt of someone's decade old blemish, it really got me thinking. When I repeatedly objected to this, I got a whole sleuth of responses. It was "public's right to know", about some one who is considered a celebrity in media. I was told that, when you are supposedly a well known person, nothing is off limits.

My contention was and will remain the same. The public's right to know is limited to the on screen persona of the individual. In private life, whatever one does, is his or her personal business. The public's right to know does not apply to what faith one practices or otherwise. If one claims to be practicing a certain belief system, but in real life chooses another one, it should not be my business. Yes, he or she may be a hypocrite, but who has given me the right to judge their morality?

The professional or ideological shortcomings of an individual should be solely what public really needs to know. The blemishes surrounding, one's opinion, which can be misplaced or erroneous, need to be debated and analyzed. The reason is plain and simple, the repercussions may be quite fatal, in some cases.

Strangely at the same forum, some people were awfully concerned with French Burqa ban. (Sorry Raza Raja Bhai, not trying to steal your thunder here). Some had strong opinion about, why women had to be covered, based on our faith and so on and so forth.

So covering a lady takes precedent over uncovering someone's private life. We are quite shallow and hollow. I had a faint idea, but the behavior of many at that forum really endorsed it. I expressed my opinion on this issue in the forum and on Raza Raja Bhai's write up as well, so I will refrain from repeating that.

We often tend to conveniently disregard, the commandment of GOD towards women to be modest is equally applicable to men as well. Because the men are supposed to limit their gaze and not repeatedly stare at other women. How many including myself follow that one?

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