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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Obama's U Turn On G Bay

Undoubtedly the recent U turn of President Obama on the trial of the 09/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Muhammed and a few others will stir a new controversy. Initially, the plans were to try KSM in New York, where the horrific day of 09/11, not only brought down the twin towers, but in essence altered the world we live in for ever.

It seems like based on the advise of his security experts, he has weighed in on the pros and cons of such a trial in New York and opted for a military trial at Guantanamo Bay. The much hyped closure of Guantanamo Bay, was on his agenda, when he was eyeing for the White House, back in 2008. Apparently, not all promises are meant to be fulfilled.

Interestingly, the announcement came on the same day, when he officially launched his re election bid on, for 2012. Many would call this another failure and add it to his long list of such. Simply said, it is not easy being in the shoes of Barack Obama. What he inherited from his predecessor, fixing that by all means, is not even a ten year gig, let alone four. Obama received a monumental recession as a "signing in bonus", at his job. It was a foregone conclusion, that he will face some insurmountable challenges.

Reviving that nearly dead economy is a herculean task, he has tried everything in his sleeve along with Bernanke to switch the course. To illustrate his efforts and the real outcome , one may have to draw a parallel with lighting a candle in a major twister. Yes the Wall Street wants us to believe that we are heading in the right direction. But the world events are not in the hands of the Fund Managers of the Wall Street. On the other hand, there is red ink all over, as far as the US Government is concerned. The holes in the Titanic are way too many, so to speak.

Obama may need more than the social media to galvanize his core base of young voters this time around. Many are disheartened by the sluggish pace of the economy, despite the tall claims and positive Wall Street spin. He will needs lots of luck for 2012. Going by the reelection infomercial on his website, Obama has delineated the job of re igniting his previous passion and momentum to his core base. Many political pundits had termed him a "single term President", and perhaps they had a fairly accurate crystal ball on their hands.

Any time a politician has to go about face on his campaign promise, there has to be some real good rhyme or reason. The repercussions of any such move are enormous and cost can be fatally high, when an opponent can exploit it as a major political weakness. Holding the KSM trial at Guantanamo Bay, must not have been an easy decision.

Although the Attorney General, Eric Holder has outlined the reasons for holding such a trial at Guantamo Bay for these characters, but spin zone will still be in action. Calling it a gross violation of policy, justice and so on and so forth. The opponents of such move, of course are rightfully arguing about civil liberties.

Spin and emotions aside, like many other people, I would want this trial to be open and fair as well. But bringing these characters to New York City, would literally be inviting the madness to reign for that period of time. The life in the crowded city will become a major challenge and overly perilous at the same time. Revisiting the same issue for the New Yorkers would perhaps be equally traumatic.

Looking at another recent shameful incident where Pastor Jones and Sapp burned a Holy Quran and its reaction in Afghanistan where UN workers were murdered, supposedly as a response, one has to really tread with caution.

Besides, rationally thinking, what difference would a jury trial in the heart of city would make? Do you think any one in his or her right mind would not convict KSM who has admitted not only being the mastermind of the infamous day, but also beheading Daniel Pearl with his "blessed" right hand?

Lastly, besides the media frenzy the security of the city would be a major nightmare. Especially the wanna bees who glorify KSM's would perhaps try to go the usual way to vent. So all in all, even though I disagree with the move, but I understand why it may be necessary.

After all this is said and done, I hope Mr. Obama would stick to his words and close the G Bay for good. Only if he gets to stay in White House is the key question here. If the Reds win the White House back as many are expecting, G Bay may remain open forever.

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