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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In Quest Of The Leader

Hats off to the Nation for completing 63 years of patience and perseverance. You have heard countless promises and utopian speeches about this great nation from various political and non political mouth pieces and sucked it all in like sponges. It is commendable that you have been stripped from your right of determination of your destiny for decades by usurpers, who derailed and fooled you by the phony “doctrine of necessity” excuse. You put up with the so called “guardians of the gates of heaven”, who are only worried about “your salvation.” So much so that these noble and righteous often tend to disregard their own final chapter. You give heed to people continents away, call them your “Brothers” and let them dictate the terms of your daily issues and problems.

You are “independent”, yet you are so dependent on so many around the globe. If independence means getting rid of the “gora sahib” and taking it from “the brown sahib”, then you have been doing a phenomenal job. Ironically, the brown sahib takes the curbing and often violating of your personal freedoms for granted. Unfortunately there is no dearth of such brown sahibs, who tend to creep up any and everywhere you look in the gifted land. They tend to think that independence really meant getting rid of the white skin, and now they can easily replace the firangi by creating their own little kingdom.

Aah, I wish if some one can teach these elites what freedom really means. It simply stands for personal rights of the citizenry, which in turn translate into collective rights and responsibilities of the entire nation. We switch channels on the tube and we find endless number of channels analyzing and over analyzing the issues that plague this magnificent nation. There are soul stirring patriotic songs which remind us of the sacrifices of millions for this precious mother land. Yet, no one really ponders on what the founding fathers really had envisioned for the Muslims of the Sub Continent. The founding fathers never crafted a thoecratic state. They wanted the Muslims to have the personal freedoms to excel in every walk of life, without being out numbered by the other majority. The Sohni dharti was created to take the Muslims back to their glorious days, where Muslims could become the Astronomers, Mathematicians, Scientists and the great leaders in every walk of life as Allama Sahib has expressed with great finesse in his poetry.

However, the reality turned out to be, quite the contrary. The Muslims who were supposed to be reaching to the stars in quest of uncovering this universe got tangled into this new slavery of sorts, where their personal rights were violated, day in and day out. Freedom and independence begins at a personal level. Then it progresses to the family, and then extended family and so on. The rights of a citizen of a free country are immense and the responsibilities are equally burdensome. However collectively both form such a powerful structure, which can withstand any upheavals.

Every individual has the potential of becoming a valuable citizen and there is no animosity towards the other based on socio economic conditions, geographical existence or linguistic ties. Each citizen has equal rights and there are no distinctions, what so ever. All citizens with all their differences, exist in harmony knowing that their freedoms are protected. The citizens can be their best in this frame work and the opportunities emerge to excel and prosper.

The prevailing despair, takes it roots in the gross violations which were committed subsequent to the independence and were repeated for last 63 years in various shape and forms, against the common man. It is high time for the common man to gain his independence, so he can see the entire glass being full. The common man should realize his potential and the first step, would be to step out of the abyss of ignorance. A nation with real education can understand and decipher its significance and present leaders who are objective.

Governance is a glorified form of Management. If the country is run with that mind set by its “informed” leadership, it will never be labeled as a failed state. Collectively, we have to reach to real goal of our founding fathers. We tend to criticize the “goras” for dividing us, yet we have divided and infinitely sub divided ourselves into so many factions that it is beyond any comprehension. Remember the real quest behind the independence was violation of the basic rights. The Quaid was never a bearded, turbaned, self proclaimed Messiah of the Muslim Ummah of the sub continent. He was a polished Indian Muslim , who was able to walk and talk like a Gora, who had high ideals for his fellow brethren.

The nation lacks that kind of a leader who wants to liberate the individual first, from the darkness of illiteracy, poverty and sub standard living conditions. Where is that leader, everybody is looking for. Look no further, that great leader is within you and me. We have to take charge of ourselves, educate and liberate ourselves from the darkness of ignorance. Be objective, be inclusive, be part of this world as the world is shrinking day by day. Are you ready to take the lead? What do you have to offer? The only thing in real demand is a positive mind and the ability to offer ever lasting solutions of peace and prosperity to this world. Can you deliver?

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