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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The 65 year Old Infant Part 1

Original Article: Daily Times
Date Published: August 16, 2012
Original link:\08\16\story_16-8-2012_pg3_3

A fair warning to some who tolerate my weekly gibberish, if you are sensitive to the truth, please move on and read something else in this esteemed publication. By skipping this write up, you will not hurt my feelings at all. By the time these lines will be read, the nation must have gone through its yearly high of the so-called patriotic fervor. The tube must have shown the sayings of the Quaid for the billionth time and the print media must have provided the special multi-coloured supplements highlighting the struggles of our elders to gain this promised land. Never mind on August 15th, it will be business as usual, those leaflets with tiny flags on the strings must be down on the ground by the ruthless wind and the supplements I mentioned, will perhaps become wrapping paper for the poor street vendors. Need I say any more, or does it seem to be clear as day, what the real issue is, with us.

Some of you will rush to judgment by calling me the usual names. I am old enough for that, so go right ahead. But every year, when this day comes, I am afraid my mind questions the reason why we are in such a state. To reflect in the past to discover the faults is the first step towards any possible correction. But to tuck everything under the rug and call it ‘patriotism’ by blatantly ignoring what went so terribly wrong is downright idiotic and the height of our collective ignorance. I know some will criticise and label a ‘non-resident’ like me to have no right over this land. Well, with them, I have always respectfully disagreed. A land that gives you birth and raises you will always remain yours, no matter where you end up, much like my grandmother, who till her last day kept on reminiscing about ‘her Amritsar’, while physically being in Rawalpindi. Her monumental struggle with her eight daughters to migrate from Amritsar to Lahore in 1947, without her husband, is another subject for another day. But who is responsible for the deaths of millions who lost their lives for no reason? Was it just because the boundary commission decided to draw lines on the land? Why were British so oblivious to the massacres that took place on both ends to form, the two so-called sovereign nations? Was it political expediency or the Great Britain was drained with war debts, that it just adopted the ‘cut and run’ policy and left a partitioned India in a total mess? Who in his right mind thought that transition and migration of millions from one land to the other would be like an annual vacation? The insanity that ensued and the worst form of barbaric acts that were committed to gain the so-called ‘independence’ cannot be just conveniently termed as ‘sacrifices’ to gain our motherland. With all the patriotic mumbo jumbo can people conveniently ignore many who lost almost everything, from their means of living to their family members to make it to this side?

I often laugh at people with profound sadness when they yell ‘corruption’ on the idiot box in this day and age. Let me take them back in time to remind them about this phenomenon and its real birth. Who was able to check all the claims that were filed in 1947 on property, whether those were valid or not? Who came up with the novel idea that people would be ‘honest to the core’ and all would be up and up in the promised land? Without proper verification or a vetting process in utter chaos, who felt that justice would be done to every migrant entering the ‘land of the pure’?

If the Two-Nation Theory was so right on the dot, then nothing can be more damning than the refusal of a significant number of Muslims to buy it. Why did a significant majority of Muslims decided to remain in India? One can attribute the usual conspirators and so on and so forth, but that is your usual textbook type excuse. Ponder on it more closely and without bias, you will see some very glaring cracks in that particular belief on this side of the border. Mind you, in 65 years the number of Muslims in India has surpassed those in Pakistan. Agreed not all is hunky dory and rosy for them on that side either, but they are an extremely significant majority. In 65 years, they have debunked our claims by their utmost perseverance. Often, we in our arrogance, call it the ‘sour grapes’ syndrome, but the reality, I am afraid, is to the contrary. As much as one may disagree with the narratives of Maulana Azad, but I am afraid he was on the money. The partition was actually a partition of ‘Muslims of India’, now divided in three different countries, with three different cultures and three different identities.

Those of you who will brand me as a ‘traitor’, and a paid agent of some foreign intelligence, please grow up for once. All I am trying to highlight are the undeniable facts. Ignore and obfuscate as much you like, but it only keeps you in the same state as you are presently in.

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